You can’t find what you’re looking for? Below you’ll find answers to a few of our frequently asked questions.

How can I run a scan?

You simply start by creating a new project and run the appropriate pipeline.

ScanCode.io offers several Built-in Pipelines depending on your input:

  • Docker image

  • Codebase drop

  • Package archive

  • Root filesystem

  • ScanCode-toolkit results

I am unable to run ScanCode.io on Windows?

Unfortunately, we never tested nor support Windows. Please refer to our Installation section for more details on how to install ScanCode.io locally.

Is it possible to compare scan results?

At the moment, you can only download full reports in JSON and XLSX formats. Please refer to our Output Files section for more details on the output formats.

How can I trigger a pipeline scan from a CI/CD, such as Jenkins, TeamCity or Azure Devops?

You can use the REST API to automate your project or pipeline management.