Output Files

Whether you use the command line or the web application to run your scans, the generated results are available for review or export in JSON, Excel (XLSX), SPDX, and CycloneDX file formats. You can also produce the Attribution as an HTML file.


Check our Data Models section for more details about all fields included in the output files.

Creating Output Files

Command Line

You can output the scan results using the output command while specifying the output file format with the –-format option:

$ scanpipe output --project PROJECT --format {json,xlsx,spdx,cyclonedx,attribution}


The previous command will output the scan results in a file format – as specified – with the output files created in the PROJECT’s output/ directory. By default, JSON output files are created when no file format is given.


When running with Docker, ensure that the output files workspace is assigned to a volume to be accessible on the host machine.

To add local input files to a project using the Command Line Interface, additional arguments need to be passed to the docker compose command.

For example, using the following command will mount and make available the projects workspace on the host at ~/projects/:

mkdir ~/projects/
docker compose run --volume ~/projects/:/var/scancodeio/workspace/projects/ \
    web scanpipe output --project my_project --format json

Alternatively, you can also locate the Docker volumes directory on your host machine. For instance, on Linux, it’s typically found at: /var/lib/docker/volumes/.

Web UI

When using the ScanCode.io web application, you can download the results of your project in your preferred output format within the project page.


You can also download the generated results—for any existing project—from the ScanCode.io home screen.


Understanding Output Files

As previously mentioned, the output file format is set using the –-format option to either JSON or XLSX data files. Regardless of the format, the data included in either output file remains almost the same.


The JSON file starts with some general information about the scan process, including the scan tool, scan date, input file details, pipeline used, etc., as shown below

  "headers": [
      "tool_name": "scanpipe",
      "tool_version": "21.6.10",
      "notice": "Generated with ScanCode and provided on an \"AS IS\" BASIS, WITHOUT WARRANTIES\nOR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. No content created from\nScanCode should be considered or used as legal advice. Consult an Attorney\nfor any legal advice.\nScanCode is a free software code scanning tool from nexB Inc. and others.\nVisit https://github.com/nexB/scancode-toolkit/ for support and download.",
      "uuid": "f06e257e-3126-4220-87c7-13583ced38a0",
      "created_date": "2021-06-12T19:51:26.218Z",
      "input_files": [
  "runs": [
      "pipeline_name": "analyze_docker_image",
      "description": "A pipeline to analyze a Docker image.",
      "uuid": "5f1ec0c5-91ed-45c8-ab3d-beae44018716",
      "created_date": "2021-06-13T00:50:18.367560Z",
      "task_id": "e2085ee9-5804-4065-9a35-e25a883b8b62",
      "task_start_date": "2021-06-13T01:20:47.663939Z",
      "task_end_date": "2021-06-13T01:20:56.486136Z",
      "task_exitcode": 0,
      "task_output": "",
      "log": "2021-06-13 01:20:47.66 Pipeline [analyze_docker_image] starting\n2021-06-13 01:20:47.66 Step [extract_images] starting\n2021-06-13 01:20:47.72 Step [extract_images] completed in 0.05 seconds\n2021-06-13 01:20:47.72 Step [extract_layers] starting\n2021-06-13 01:20:47.84 Step [extract_layers] completed in 0.12 seconds\n2021-06-13 01:20:47.84 Step [find_images_linux_distro] starting\n2021-06-13 01:20:47.84 Step [find_images_linux_distro] completed in 0.00 seconds\n2021-06-13 01:20:47.85 Step [collect_images_information] starting\n2021-06-13 01:20:47.85 Step [collect_images_information] completed in 0.00 seconds\n2021-06-13 01:20:47.85 Step [collect_and_create_codebase_resources] starting\n2021-06-13 01:20:48.65 Step [collect_and_create_codebase_resources] completed in 0.79 seconds\n2021-06-13 01:20:48.65 Step [collect_and_create_system_packages] starting\n2021-06-13 01:20:50.89 Step [collect_and_create_system_packages] completed in 2.24 seconds\n2021-06-13 01:20:50.89 Step [flag_uninteresting_codebase_resources] starting\n2021-06-13 01:20:50.90 Step [tag_uninteresting_codebase_resources] completed in 0.00 seconds\n2021-06-13 01:20:50.90 Step [tag_empty_files] starting\n2021-06-13 01:20:50.91 Step [tag_empty_files] completed in 0.00 seconds\n2021-06-13 01:20:50.91 Step [scan_for_application_packages] starting\n2021-06-13 01:20:50.98 Step [scan_for_application_packages] completed in 0.07 seconds\n2021-06-13 01:20:50.98 Step [scan_for_files] starting\n2021-06-13 01:20:56.46 Step [scan_for_files] completed in 5.48 seconds\n2021-06-13 01:20:56.46 Step [analyze_scanned_files] starting\n2021-06-13 01:20:56.47 Step [analyze_scanned_files] completed in 0.00 seconds\n2021-06-13 01:20:56.47 Step [tag_not_analyzed_codebase_resources] starting\n2021-06-13 01:20:56.48 Step [tag_not_analyzed_codebase_resources] completed in 0.00 seconds\n2021-06-13 01:20:56.48 Pipeline completed\n",
      "execution_time": 8
  "extra_data": {
    "images": [
        "os": "linux",
        "tags": [
        "author": null,
        "distro": {
          "os": "linux",
          "logo": null,
          "name": "Alpine Linux",
          "id_like": [],
          "variant": null,
          "version": null,
          "build_id": null,
          "cpe_name": null,
          "home_url": "https://alpinelinux.org/",
          "extra_data": {},
          "identifier": "alpine",
          "variant_id": null,
          "version_id": "3.11.3",
          "pretty_name": "Alpine Linux v3.11",
          "support_url": null,
          "architecture": "amd64",
          "bug_report_url": "https://bugs.alpinelinux.org/",
          "version_codename": null,
          "documentation_url": null,
          "privacy_policy_url": null
        "labels": {},
        "sha256": null,
        "comment": null,
        "created": "2020-02-04T20:14:21.37837804Z",
        "history": [
            "created": "2020-01-18T01:19:37.02673981Z",
            "created_by": "/bin/sh -c #(nop) ADD file:e69d441d729412d24675dcd33e04580885df99981cec43de8c9b24015313ff8e in / "
            "created": "2020-01-18T01:19:37.187497623Z",
            "created_by": "/bin/sh -c #(nop)  CMD [\"/bin/sh\"]",
            "empty_layer": true
            "created": "2020-02-04T20:14:18.651799654Z",
            "created_by": "/bin/sh -c #(nop) COPY file:0534399d8928526e71db5a2dd096bfa0548c3ea036b678eb596a76d2ddc2bdbf in /staticbox/bin/busybox "
            "created": "2020-02-04T20:14:20.986239348Z",
            "created_by": "/bin/sh -c for f in /bin/*; do if [[ -h $f  ]]; then ln -sf /staticbox/bin/busybox /staticbox/bin/$(basename $f); fi done"
            "created": "2020-02-04T20:14:21.37837804Z",
            "created_by": "/bin/sh -c #(nop)  ENV PATH=/staticbox/bin:/usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/bin",
            "empty_layer": true
        "variant": null,
        "image_id": "7656d1f7594c21d805a02a8d71835064909491130ed7add6357b28d512f8d213",
        "os_version": null,
        "architecture": "amd64",
        "image_format": "docker",
        "config_digest": "sha256:7656d1f7594c21d805a02a8d71835064909491130ed7add6357b28d512f8d213",
        "docker_version": "18.03.1-ee-3"

The JSON results file also lists information about any packages discovered during the scan process with information about each individual package similar to the following:

"packages": [
    "purl": "pkg:alpine/musl@1.1.24-r0?arch=x86_64",
    "type": "alpine",
    "namespace": "",
    "name": "musl",
    "version": "1.1.24-r0",
    "qualifiers": "arch=x86_64",
    "subpath": "",
    "primary_language": "",
    "description": "the musl c library (libc) implementation",
    "release_date": "2019-11-15",
    "homepage_url": "http://www.musl-libc.org/",
    "download_url": "",
    "size": 376511,
    "sha1": "",
    "md5": "",
    "bug_tracking_url": "",
    "code_view_url": "",
    "vcs_url": "git+http://git.alpinelinux.org/aports/commit/?id=ba05f40c20ddc515f748f205f01befbba3a88feb",
    "copyright": "",
    "license_expression": "mit",
    "declared_license": "MIT",
    "notice_text": "",
    "missing_resources": [
    "modified_resources": [],
    "keywords": [],
    "source_packages": [

The results will also include all of the or files (codebase resources) found.


Please note that these files might or might not be included within a package.

"files": [{
  "for_packages": [
  "compliance_alert": "",
  "path": "/30-alpine-nickolashkraus-staticbox-latest.tar-extract/5216338b40a7b96416b8b9858974bbe4acc3096ee60acbc4dfb1ee02aecceb10/bin/busybox",
  "size": 841288,
  "sha1": "593739e717ef3e8833034614576e03d189be30a1",
  "md5": "0234c668c5c93317e3f055fdd44f0943",
  "copyrights": [],
  "holders": [],
  "authors": [],
  "licenses": [],
  "license_expressions": [],
  "emails": [],
  "urls": [],
  "status": "system-package",
  "type": "file",
  "extra_data": {},
  "name": "busybox",
  "extension": "",
  "programming_language": "",
  "mime_type": "application/x-pie-executable",
  "file_type": "ELF 64-bit LSB pie executable, x86-64, version 1 (SYSV), dynamically linked, interpreter /lib/ld-musl-x86_64.so.1, stripped",
  "is_binary": true,
  "is_text": false,
  "is_archive": false

Excel (XLSX)

ScanCode.io can produce the scan results in a .xlsx file format, which will include two Excel sheets for the Discovered Packages and the Codebase Resources.


Unlike the JSON file, the XLSX output file does not include any general information about the scan process, tool, date, etc.

The Discovered Packages data sheet includes details about all packages found:


while the Codebase Resources sheet includes information about each individual file:



ScanCode.io can generate attribution notices of the discovered packages of a project. The output format is a HTML page.

The default template output can be customized providing your own template in the .scancode config directory SCANCODEIO_CONFIG_DIR.

You usually want to start with a copy of the default template available at scanpipe/templates/scanpipe/attribution.html and add your modifications.

You can then place your custom template file into the .scancode config directory in your input files, such as it will end up at codebase/.scancode/templates/attribution.html on extraction.

The following variable are available as the template context:

  • project

  • packages

  • licenses

Refer to Data Models for the full details of available fields.